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On a whim I purchased a Blue Snowball microphone for myself for my 45th birthday.  Many of my friends are podcasters and I figured, “Why not?”.  Famous last words.  I recorded a piece written by Keith Dugger just for fun and found that I really enjoyed both the recording process and amazingly, the sound of my voice.  Every podcaster I had talked to had said they hated hearing their own voice but that they got used to it over time.  So, it seems a bit egotistical for me to say that I liked loved the sound of my own voice right from the beginning, but that’s the truth.  Somehow this mic makes it sound the way I hear myself in my own head…so it wasn’t strange at all, and in fact sort of comforting (yes, I’m strange…we’ve already established that).

Anyway, I asked a friend of mine, Nobilis (who has the longest running erotica podcast in podcasting history) if Keith and I could do a special Halloween themed episode for his show that year since Halloween fell on the day of the week he usually releases his episodes on.  That was the beginning….

Here is the Nobilis Erotica Halloween Episode that Keith and I did for Halloween 2010.  It’s still one of my favorite things.  I particularly like the 3rd story where I get to be a little psychotic…just a little…okay, a lot.  But the last story “Just a Drop” is one of my all-time favorite short stories and one of the sexiest things I’ve ever read (well, sexy bizarro that is).

From there I did a promo for Paul E. Cooley’s book“Fiends Vol. 1” (long version)

And then promos for Neil Colquhoun’s “Jimmy and the Black Wind” Podcast.

Jimmy and the Black Wind Teaser Promo #3
Jimmy and the Black Wind Teaser Promo #4
The full promo for Jimmy and the Black Wind

In the Spring of 2011, Paul E. Cooley began podcasting a series of stories called “Garaaga’s Children” that I absolutely love.  These stories combine ancient history, dark fantasy, horror, and a bit of erotica.  They are a departure from anything he’s published before and the beginning of a series that will stretch from the time of pre-written history up to modern day.  I am honored that Paul let me do the female voices in “The Last Hunter” and “Lovers”

The Last Hunter

Lovers Episode 1
Lovers Episode 2
Lovers Episode 3
Lovers Episode 4
Lovers Episode 5
Lovers Episode 6
Lovers Episode 7

In August of 2011 I got the part of Janet Wintermoon in Nobilis’s story “Alive”, a novella set in the Metamor City Universe created by Chris Lester. My part was small and just in episode 2, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy listening to the whole thing.  It has a rather large cast with a TON of talent.

Alive Part 1
Alive Part 2
Alive Part 3
Alive Part 4

In the Fall of 2011 I did this promo for the books “Riskwear” and “Ex Fumo Gaudiam” by Nobilis.

Recently, I got a request from Jack Hosley to read some of my poems for his podcast “Wander Radio”.  It was the first time I’d ever read my own words instead of someone else’s.  And, the first time I’d been in front of the mic in about 6 months.  It was great to record again, but even better to hear my own words spoken aloud.  I had almost never read my work out loud.  That has changed. Now, I read all of my poems out loud; often as I’m writing them and always afterwards.  It really does make a huge difference.  I have 2 poems in Episode 64. And, Jack reads another one of my poems in Episode 65.

Wander Radio Episode 64
Wander Radio Episode 65

So, at this point I have to say, “Thank you” to Nobilis, Keith, Paul, and Neil for letting me read their words and dabble in another new form of expression. And, a special thank you to Jack for asking me to read my own words.

I’m hoping to continue doing this in the future, but you never know what the future holds…


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    My newest voice work credit is reading By the Book written by Elizabeth Thorne on NobilisErotica. You can listen here:


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