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Sniper by Paul E. Cooley

Depression is a sniper hiding in the forest of life.
Without warning, without provocation, it fires its steely bullet through your heart
rendering you mute, in pain, and wondering what happened
as your self-control, your grip on what’s real, falls to the ground
like so much slaughterhouse offal.

It takes everything to pick yourself up,
when you can feel the psychic blood draining from
what once held joy, faith, and hope.

Crawling for cover,
tears of empty rage sliding down torn and ragged cheeks,
each movement an obstacle in and of itself,
you finally hear the shot that felled you.
And even as you manage to find shelter,
you are felled once more.

There is no rescue party on its way.
No medic to stem and staunch the wound.
“Hope” does not make house calls for the dying.

Even after the sniper has left the trees,
its silver rounds of hurt deeply embedded in your flesh,
the fear of never finding the light again
can be worse than the fiery, breath crushing pain.

Friends drag your conscious gibbering body.
They apply the only aid they know how,
clean the wound,
cover the hole.
But only you can mend it,
scar over the damage,
and move on.

It is only the memory of hope,
that can make that happen.
Pills, words, hugs, music…
all are temporary solutions to
a chronic illness that is only
solved in the final cessation of life.

But I’m not ready yet.
The pain will pass.
The futility of life will once again
be lost to the wind like a grain of sand.
And the inner light will glow once more.

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Great Feeds

There are more and more podcast novels out there every day. I can’t recommend this type of entertainment highly enough. If you have time to listen but not time to read–think daily commute or music listening time–you owe it to yourself to check out podcast fiction. The best place to find great podcast fiction is a site called Podiobooks. First of all, it’s completely FREE. Secondly, if you like what you hear, you can make a donation and 75% goes directly to the author (the remaining 25% helps maintain the site).

Many of the books at Podiobooks are done as a singular endeavor.  Meaning not part of a continuing feed. It is those feeds that I wanted to talk about today. There are writers out there who not only provide great entertainment in the form of podcast novels, but who also manage to keep their podcast feeds going throughout the year with other forms of entertainment…essays, interviews, reviews, short stories, drabbles, mischief, and mayhem. Putting content up at Podiobooks costs little to nothing in the way of additional expenses for the writer beyond the recording equipment and the time. The author maintaining an independent feed has those same costs and then hosting as well. There is also the consideration of time. It’s one thing to record and produce a novel or novella, but to continuously provide content in between the major works is a very different kind of commitment.

There are tons of great podcasts our there on every subject. These are ones where it’s one author producing their own work in whatever form that takes and continuing to provide content month in and month out. Here are the authors I’ve been listening to the past few months (in alphabetical order)…

Jake Bible: Two novels, some short stories, lots of drabbles. (Science fiction of the sick, twisted, violent persuasion)

John Mierau: Lots of stories of all lengths and some great interviews with other podcasters and artists. (Science fiction of the alien sort mostly)

Mur Lafferty: A powerhouse in podcasting in general, in addition to her own stories, she has a great podcast on writing (I Should Be Writing), and is the editor at a podcast that showcases other writers (Escape Pod).

Neil Colquhoun: Stories of various lengths from shorts to a novel (Dark science fiction of the demonic sort)

Paul Cooley: Lots of great stories from shorts to a novel, essays, rants, interviews, and muppet mayhem (Psychological thrillers, horror, essays and rants on the publishing industry, reviews, science fiction/dark fantasy, and muppets).

Scott Sigler: One of the first to podcast fiction, this feed is insane! At least six novels, fan fiction, two short story collections, and counting…(Science fiction, football, violence, you name it)

Seth Harwood: Tons of stories here from shorts to novels. (Lots of crime fiction, mysteries, dark)

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