Contributors S – Z

The following is the list of contributors whose first names start with the letters S through Z:

Sandra Wickham (51) has been a coach and fitness trainer for over twelve years and is new to the writing world. Her friends call her a crafting aficionado, health guru and ninja-in-training. Sandra’s stories have appeared in Evolve, Vampires of the New Undead, Evolve, Vampires of the Future Undead and Crossed Genres.

Sara Nash (42) seeks to restore her sanity in the creative community of Twitterites. Her real-life roles include mother, wife, daughter, and medical transcriptionist. In her stolen free time she reads, writes, and occasionally sings in community choir or acts in community theatre. She has finished the first draft of a novel.

Sarah Goslee (38) (@Phiala) is a scientist, fiber artist, and writer, all creative activities. She’s always looking for ways to keep the ideas flowing, to be continually inventive without burning out. Her real passion is learning new things, and she has a weakness for office supplies and organizational tools.

Scott E. Pond (47) is a transplanted Pennsyltuckian living in New Hampshire with his wife, their two replacements, and too many darn animals. He uses his almost non-existent free-time to enhance his various creative skills. He has done everything from drawing, photography and writing to custom action figure design, graphic design, and desktop publishing. If it deals with creativity and innovation, he’s probably dabbled in it, or will eventually.

Scott Roche (44) is a military brat, a fan of horror and occult fiction, and a seeker of true reality. He tries to include as much life experience in his writing as he can. His stories combine these elements into something that he hopes you will enjoy and tell all of your friends about. He is active in podcast fiction and is a contributing editor at Flying Island Press.

Simon Lloyd (22) is a haiku writing, photographer/poet from the wilds of Scotland. He has a penchant for puns,  a witty sense of humor, and the love of a cat. And really, if you have the love of a cat; what else is there?

Sommer Marsden (73) is a wine-swigging, dachshund owning, wannabe runner author who writes from her home in Baltimore. She has been called “…one of the top storytellers in the erotica genre” (Violet Blue), “Unapologetic” (Alison Tyler), and “…the whirling dervish of erotica” (Craig J. Sorenson). Her erotic novels include Learning to Drown, Restless Spirit, and Big Bad. Her newest book is Angry Sex.

Stan Tremblay (13) works at Variance Publishing, an independent publishing house producing fast-paced thrillers, both for adult and young adult readers. A jack-of-all-trades, when not helping authors during his day job or freelance night gig, he enjoys spending time with his family. To see more of his work or commission a job, connect with him via Facebook.

Starla Huchton (8) (80) currently lives in Virginia where she trains her 3 minions and her military husband. She is a two-time Parsec Award Finalist for her debut  novel Dreamer’s Thread and her work on the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Podcast.  Her 2nd novel won The Sandy Writing Contest held annually by the Crested Butte Writers Conference in the Fantasy/Science Fiction category. Her 3rd novel, Maven, will be released on June 3, 2013. And, she is professional graphic designer specializing in book covers.

Steven Ort (62) lives in South Carolina with his wife, 4 cats, and his best friend. He works as a Computer Technician, is a HUGE NASCAR fan, and watches WAY to much TV.

Steven Sautter (14) often describes himself as an author, because it sounds better than register jockey. He is one of the head writers for The Terrible Zodin and puts out the occasional issue of Kate Anderson Adventures. He has experienced profound moments with cephalopods.

Susie Murph (84) (@SusietheGeek ) is a life-long sci-fi, fantasy and science geek, and loves to incorporate her favorite hobbies into her current career of raising her kids. She currently produces the “How to Grow Your Geek” podcast/blog, and volunteers with the Parsec Awards (for excellence in speculative fiction podcasting).

Tonya Vrba (70) is a passionate writer. She works as a freelance writer, journalist, and PR specialist. Her work has been published in newspapers and blogs. She is currently an active writer for Online Dating Sites.

ThatBuddha (81) is a progressive liberal hippie Buddhist geek and novelist. He shares his home with his girls, Lucie and Ruby. He spends his days searching for the secrets of being humanely human, discovering the truth of himself, and watching Magnum PI (not necessarily in that order).

Thomas Reed (39) is… A dad. A husband. A mathematician. A bitstripper. A blogger. And sometimes friend. BTW, Cooley is a bastard.

Valerie Griswold-Ford (57) (@vg_ford) is an author whose first novel, Not Your Father’s Horseman, was a finalist for Foreword Magazine’s Fantasy Novel of the Year in 2005.  The sequel, Dark Moon Seasons, was released in 2009, both from DragonMoon Press.  She has also published several short stories, has collaborated on three nonfiction books on writing fantasy, and edited an anthology of short stories about pirates and magic entitled Rum and Runestones.

Veronica Giguere  (7) is a voiceover artist whose career began with the sci-fi series, The Secret World Chronicle. She currently narrates the new Edward Clark fantasy novel The Ballad of Iron Percy. Veronica also has lent her voice to projects by Pirate Cove and Horror Addicts, and she has read for podcast authors Nobilis Reed, Justin Macumber, Jack Mangan, Kenn Crawford, and Laura Frechette.

Vince L. Wilson (67)  loves. He is a poet, musician, artist, and bon vivant currently based in
Philadelphia. (Thankfully he has a day job.) He wrote his first major poem at age 10 and has been whittling words down ever since. His first published volume is Unfettered Love Letters, and you can also read him on Twitter: @inVinceWil


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