Contributors L – R

The following is the list of contributors whose first names start with L through R:

Lance Schonberg (77) is relearning how to follow his dreams from his children.  He is working on a novel and at least one short story at any given moment.  Some of the stories have even seen publication.  His writing habits are eclectic, although most of his stories do fall into the broad buckets of Science Fiction or Fantasy.  You can find him on twitter as Writing Dad and sometimes even on Facebook.

Laura Church (50) (63) is primarily a mom and wife. This does not limit her but allows her to be so many other things: chef, baker, organizer, driver, secretary, lover, discplinarian, retail service provider, office cleaner, entertainment organizer, friend, and so much more. She loves stories, however she gets them. And she creates daily.

Liberty Montano (23) is a knitter, indie dyer, soap brewer, photographer, social media addict, avid cook and completely scatter-brained mom of two. She splits her free time between puddle jumping and wine tasting after learning that the two don’t go together well.

Maggie French (16)

Marc Lopez Kaufman (45) is an Assistant Professor of English at Joliet Junior College.  Originally from Michigan, he received his B.A. in English from Florida State University, and his M.A. in English from New York University.  28 years old, he lives in Downers Grove, IL. You can follow him on Twitter @mlkaufman

Marianne Paul (88) is is a Canadian novelist and poet. Her work has appeared in numerous anthologies and journals. Recently, she has become a bit of a minimalist, writing haiku and tanka. She loves all things water, especially kayaking. You can follow her on Twitter.

Max Bell (32) was just some guy in a room with a hedgehog, a computer and an internet connection. (He was also a wonderful friend and is greatly missed. ~Sue)

Meredith Mathews (43) is a podcaster, electronic musician and freelance geek, but rarely all at the same time. You can find her podcasting and music at, and her professional geekery at

Michael Parry (41) lives on a small block of land in the Tararua district of New Zealand, where he and his partner grow trees and their children. When he is not writing, he works in a University library as the Digital Initiatives Librarian to earn a crust. He loves social media, and uses it as a tool for the library.

Mick Bordet (37) is co-founder of progressive-skiffle band, ‘The Lunacy Board‘, writer of the podcast series ‘Some Other Scotland’and co-producer of the ‘Every Photo Tells…’ short story podcast. Originally from Scotland, he recently moved to Vienna, Austria.

Mike Luoma (74) is the Music Director and DJ for The Point radio network, writes, designs and publishes science fiction novels and comics, hosts a weekly podcast, and narrates audiobooks. His Vatican Assassin Trilogy is enjoyed worldwide. Alibi Jones is his latest. Comics include Panthea ObscuraGood Samaritan, and The Adventures of Alibi Jones.

Mildred Cady (55)(@mgcady) lives in Upstate New York (yes, there’s more to the state then NYC) with her fiance, her friends, and a cat that sheds in three colors. She has posted stories at Nobilis Erotica and Metamor City where she is the Librarian (it’s a long story). She can be found in fairly elegant Steampunk attire in shades of blue at most conventions she attends.

Miriam Dunn (9) is a mother, writer and teacher living on the pristine shores of the Atlantic Ocean on Cape Breton Island. Miriam is a freelance writer as well as a poet and essayist.

Nancy Carlzen (56) grew up as a typical suburbanite/Southern California beach chick.That changed in the 60’s, when she began to play with fiber and beads; she hasn’t stopped… other obsessions: making music (mountain dulcimer, bodhran, bowed psaltry,classical guitar) and writing (poetry, two blogs, eventually an e-book or three). Any and all of these can get her into serious fun on any given day. Life is good!

Nathan Lowell (4) is a writer, podcaster, walker, talker, and teacher of teachers. He is known for prodigious writing output: the phrase, ‘to Lowell’ means to write ten thousand words in one day, a feat accomplished by few. His most recent podcast novel “Owner’s Share” had so many downloads at its release that it brought its website to it’s knees.

Neil Colquhoun (25) is a Scottish writer of hybrid horror/thriller/sci-fi tales, a tea-drinker, a night-owl, and is the creator of “FRANK” and “Jimmy & the Black Wind”. Neil spends far too much time on the internet, is a twitterholic, a chocolate-lover and wants you to Stay Alive.

Nobilis Reed (10) Not long ago Nobilis Reed started sharing his naughty little stories. To his surprise, people liked them! Now, he can’t stop. The man is addicted. His family look on this wretch and shake their heads. All they can do is make him as comfortable as his condition will allow.

Odin (58) is a big ugly ogre blessed with a gorgeous wonderful wife and the most amazing children. You wish you were as blessed as he.

Paul Elard Cooley (53) is a grumpy bastard who doesn’t believe in happy endings. His fiction transcends the simple categorization of horror and in addition covers psychological thriller, dark fantasy, historical, and even horror erotica. His classic horror story of man vs monster, The Black, was a #1 best seller in horror on Amazon. He is also a coding ninja monkey and resides deep in the woods of Texas, where his grumpiness is grudgingly tolerated by his wife and furry children.

Randy Hinckley (Guest poem “Yearning”)

Richard Green (17) is the geek behind the “Geek Out! with Mainframe” podcast. Richard is a lifelong comic book fan and has several other geeky interests.  He is a system administrator for Mainframe and Unix systems and really likes Ubuntu Linux on his home laptop.


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