Contributors H – K

The following is the list of contributors whose first names start with H through K:

J. Daniel Sawyer (28) is a hat-wearing, obsessive-compulsive nutcase attempting to write his way out of the loony bin. He’s the author of numerous books and fiction podcasts including Sculpting God, Down From Ten, and The Antithesis Progression, a regular contributor to LinuxJournal on the subject of a/v production, and a photographer with an overinflated opinion of his lens.

J. P. Moore (34) lives and writes in southern New Jersey, which is a long way from the settings of his stories and novels. His short fiction has appeared in several anthologies, including Dark and When a Hero Comes Home. In 2009, he began podcasting Toothless, Dragon Moon Press published a print edition of the novel in 2010, and it won the 2010 ForeWord Horror Book of the Year Award.

J.R. Murdock (72) is an avid reader of almost anything he can get his hands on. He also writes with near reckless abandon in any and every genre. His style is intended for pure entertainment.  Also from J.R. Murdock look for the Action Pack Podcast.

J. Sterling Smith (26) has told stories in many different ways including: writing plays, acting, dancing badly, poetry, visual arts & LARPing.  He’s currently working on the biggest challenge of his storytelling career–his first novel–Bridgeborn, a tale of self-discovery and longing.  When completed he intends to both publish and podcast it. When not storytelling, he can be found lurking in various swamps around Chicago.

Jake Bible (40) (79) lives in Asheville, NC with his wife and two kids. He is the author the Apex Trilogy (DEAD MECH, The Americans, Metal and Ash), Bethany and the Zombie Jesus, Stark- An Illustrated Novella, and the YA horror novel, Little Dead Man, as well as the forthcoming YA horror novel Intentional Haunting. Check out Friday Night Drabble Party every week! Free drabbles for all!

James Durham (3) is both a dreamer and a doer. He is among other things, a musician, writer, podcaster, and  indie film producer. His official bios can be found here (the embellished version) and here (the unembellished version)

Jason Warden (49) is a father, a husband, and a writer. He is also the Editor and host of the Shadowcast Audio Anthology Podcast, which was a finalist for a Parsec award in 2010. He has been an avid reader and writer of dark fiction for many years. He has been published in such places as Evolve Journal, Microw, Dark Movements, DeadTimez online, In Focus and numerous anthologies. He recently finished the first draft of his novel and is currently in the hell of editing. He and his wife reside in Springfield with their three children.

Jennifer Melzer (86) lives in Northeast Pennsylvania with her husband and daughter, but dreams nightly she is laying on the beach watching the stars fall over the Atlantic Ocean. You can tweet to her at @jennybeanses or visit her author pages at facebook or Goodreads.

Jeremiah Watson (Guest poems: Warm Storm, No Love Poems, Campfire Songs) graduated High School the spring of 2013, and hit the road hitchhiking the following Fall, hunting open mics and slams.  Jeremiah manages Nostrovia! Poetry, W.I.S.H. Publishing, The Traveling Poet, and is an editor for UndergroundBooks.  He blogs his poems and travels at Gatsby’s Abandoend Children, where his latest collection, Smile W/ Sparks, is available.

Jessica Warren (82) is a married 30 something living in a house full of rescued cats and dogs. She is an artist of sorts who enjoys painting, crocheting, and knitting. Her blog is an honest, and often raw, look at living in the alphabet soup of mental illness.

Jett Micheyl (33) is a ‘creative enabler,’ lending her voice to Girls’ Rules, the Murder at Avedon Hill audio novel, and an episode of Nobilis Erotica. She assisted in the Phoenix Rising: A Ministry of Peculiar Occurences book trailer, and writes for The Nerd Signal. She knitsdesigns tee shirts, writes in several personal blogs, and enjoys costuming and gaming.

John Anealio (85) performs geeky anthems for writers, librarians, lovers of Sci-Fi, Best Buy customers & robots. His music sounds like John Mayer, Weezer & James Taylor playing Dungeons & Dragons together on their iPhones.

John Merlin (27) was born and raised in Cornwall, UK, where he studied Media and later, Web Technology. He enjoys taking photos, reading, writing, coding, films, music and playing Magic: The Gathering. Today John can be found living in the Orlando area, Florida with his wife and two step children.

John Mierau (18) is a science fiction and fantasy writer. His current Podcast is “Enemy Lines”, a novel. John is a proponent of social media, net culture and independent publishing, his interviews & roundtables with content creators about their work and the changing market are available at Podcast Teardown, and you can get his Ebooks on kindle.

Jordan Siron (68) (69) is a freelance writer and blogger living in Orlando. When not working, he is watching movies and British sit-coms on Netflix. When he isn’t wasting time on Netflix, Jordan dedicates himself to writing various short stories, flash-fiction, screenplays, and novels.

Kat Dugger (6) Half kitten, half vampire, and half witch, Kat Dugger slips unconsciously between full time roles as mother, wife, coach, cheerleader, and referee. An artist, poet, and creative soul, Kat writes out of North Texas nestled between day and night.

Kate Cheevers (52) (@phantomreverie on Twitter) is a single mother who never finds enough time for everything, but would rather be writing than anything.  You can’t read her work anywhere, though she has one completed NaNoWriMo novella, 5 Script Frenzy scripts, a handful of poems and is always dreaming up something.  If you ask, she’s always happy to share. (She has also contributed guest poetry)

Kate Sherrod (48) is a writer and poet who lives in Cheyenne, WY. In 2009 and 2010 she wrote and posted a geeky, pseudo-Shakespearean sonnet to her blog, Suppertime Sonnets, every single day, and has recently published a curated collection of these as an ebook and paperback. She also blogs in prose at her cultural reportage site, Kate of Mind.

Katharina Maimer Bordet (78) started podcasting in 2006, and hasn’t been able to stop since then. Her 2010 NaNoWriMo novel Wiener Blut is now available as podcast, eBook and paperback. The short story podcast Every Photo Tells… has just passed its 100th episode and has been around for almost three years. Born and raised in the Austrian mountains, she has been living in the capital, Vienna, for 10 years now. Two years ago she even managed to convince the kilt of her dreams to leave rainy Scotland for real mountains.

Keith Dugger (1) (60) (87) Only lightly tethered to what others call reality, author Keith Dugger creates popular works of bizarro, dark, and sublime fiction that range from mildly creepy to twist-your-brain intense. Though one of his fictitious multiple personalities suffers multiple personality disorder, Keith remains intently devoted to his craft and frequently enjoys writing to the anti-melodic baying of his invisible dog.

Ken Gainor (29) is currently working on his first novel length work.  He will be podcasting this debut novel later this year, currently scheduled for early October. If you are interested, feel free to chat with him on Twitter (@sabre419 and @KGainor) where he will post updates on the release.

Keith Hughes (30) is a three-time winner of National Novel Writing Month, and has two novels released as free podiobooks. The first of those, Borrowed Time, is available as an ebook for Kindle, Nook, and other readers. He lives in Rochester Hills, MI with his wife, daughter, and slightly annoying cat.

Kylie Parry (66) lives in the Tararua district of New Zealand with her partner, two children and a couple of hundred fruit trees. She writes for children and is thrilled that so many NZ school children are forced to read some of her writing for homework.


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