Contributors A – G

The following is a list of the contributors whose first names start with A through G:

Alan “Wolf” Roark (46) (AKA @Coach_Roark on the Twitter thingie) has been happily married for twenty years; is retired, though by health, not by choice; and lives in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. He prefers the beach.

Amy Grech (21) has sold over 100 stories to various anthologies and magazines including: Funeral Party 2, Inhuman Magazine, Needle Magazine, The Brutarian, and many others. Damnation Books published her second collection, Blanket of White.

Andrew J. Chamberlain (89) is a writer and creative writing tutor. He has acted as a ghost-writer and has published commercially and well as through self-publication. He is the presenter of The Creative Writer’s Toolbelt, a podcast that gives practical, accessible advice to creative writers.

Angela Caperton (35) is an award winning author who writes eclectic erotica that challenges genre conventions. Her stories have been published in numerous anthologies from Black Lace, Cleis, Circlet, Coming Together, and others. Her latest work is a novella, Playing God, is published byeXtasy Books.

Anthony Epp (71)   is passionate about coffee, cooking for others, music, helping others succeed, and a great story. A few friends, of disreputable natures, have recently introduced him to some new passions in the forms of knitting, voice work, and podiobook production. When he’s not pursuing these things, he amuses himself with a good beer while perfecting his homemade chicken wings.

Arlene Radasky (12) loves history and studying about the people who came before us. She believes it is through them that we learn how to live our lives well and with honor. Click on her name to learn more about The Fox, a historical fantasy novel, and why she decided to give it away.

Blake Petit (20) is a writer, podcaster, actor, director, and teacher from Louisiana. He is the author of two novels, a short story collection, and a stage play. His comic book column appears Wednesdays and his podcast Sundays at In his free time, he teaches high school English.

Brandon Layng (24)

Brian Rathbone (61) is a horse trainer turned technology geek turned fantasy author. The first two books in The Dawning of Power trilogy, Call of the Herald and Inherited Danger, are available as free ebooks and audiobooks.

Bryan Watson (31) is a semi-trained chef, self-proclaimed theologian, and universally recognized wise-ass, Bryan has been writing and telling stories for as long as he can remember, but only recently have they been inflicted on others with any sort of deliberation.  He also plans to publish something. Eventually.

Christopher T. Miller (59)  (75) is a software developer by trade and a writer by necessity. He is a Co-founder of and is the Editor-In-Chief of The Secret Lair. He has not yet been eaten by a grue.

Dan Absalonson (15) is a happily married father of three living in Spokane, Washington. By day a media artist for a software company, by night a writer, musician, and illustrator. His first full novel drops on 11/11/11 as a free podcast and cheap eBook.

Daniel José Older has had his work published in a number of volumes including Crossed Genres. He is featured in Sheree Renee Thomas’ Black Pot Mojo Reading Series in New York City. When he’s not writing, teaching or riding around in an ambulance, Daniel can be found performing with his Brooklyn-based soul quartet Ghost Star, with whom he recently completed a multimedia live music and dance documentary about the end of slavery in New York entitled City of Love and Disaster. (His guest poem is here)

Daniel Meyer (5) He is a late twenties man living in Harrisburg, Pa.  He writes poetry in many styles on a wide variety of topics and also reviews movies.  His current schedule is poems on Tuesdays and Thursdays and movie reviews on Wednesdays.

Dave Robison (76) has indulged in creative pursuits his entire life, including earning a theater degree, creating magazine cover art, writing audio scripts, creating board games, and generally savoring the sweet drought of expression in all its forms.  Dave co-hosts The Roundtable Podcast  with Brion Humphrey, a podcast dedicated to the creative development of story ideas.

David Sobkowiak (64) (65)  began his vocal career at the age of six in the bedroom of his parent’s home, recording what would today be called analogue podcasts in to his Radio Shack cassette recorder. His career took a hiatus until the winter of 2005, when he discovered the wonders of internet podcasts and began voice acting for various groups on line. His work as a voice actor, web guru and founding member of BrokenSea Audio Productions has given him experience in acting, writing audio dramas and producing. He currently collaborates with other crazy creative types on works of all kinds.

DeliriumTree (36) writes to calm the chaos of her mind. She enjoys wearing a cape and is searching for the perfect blueberry muffin. Her guest poem Inertia is here.

Doc Coleman (54) is a writer, blogger, and podcaster. He is the founder of The Nifty Tech Blog, a regular on the Galley Table Podcast, and producer of The Shrinking Man Project podcast. Doc lives with his lovely wife and Maine Coon cats in Germantown, MD.

Draven Ames (19)

Eric Bahle (83) stopped going to his real job so he could be a full time digital author and storyteller. He loves being in the woods with his bow or on the water in his kayak. He lives in Pennsylvania with his lovely wife and a mongrel dog. He is working on his next bestselling story.

Evo Terra (2) is the co-founder of and the co-author of Podcasting for Dummies. When he’s not drinking too much craft beer, he helps plan out digital strategies, is a professional public speaker, and looks for interesting problems to solve.

GrannieAnnie (11)


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