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Create Something Day

Last week Wil Wheaton, of STtNG fame and all around cool geek guy, decided to declare his birthday to be “Don’t Be a Dick Day”. What a wonderful idea to take your birthday and proclaim it to be whatever kind of day you want (preferably something that has the potential to yield positive results). Technically, Wil didn’t start it; but he saw the brilliance of it and embraced it. If you don’t already read his blog, the story is here.

So, in this spirit, I have decided to proclaim my birthday, this coming Monday, August 6th, to be “Create Something Day”. While I won’t turn down fancy chocolates or a lovely bottle of scotch, the one thing I’m asking for is for you to create something. Anything. Draw something, write something, start the blog you’ve been dreaming of, knit, crochet, cook… Whatever.

It doesn’t matter what you create. It matters THAT you create.

If you want to share your creativity, that would be awesome. If just one person creates something that they wouldn’t have otherwise, this will be the best birthday ever. Actually, truth be told, even if none of you does a damn thing this will still be the best birthday ever. But your creativity will certainly make it awesomer. Yep, that’s a word. See, I just created that…okay, I’m making it up. Same difference.

So, stretch your imagination and use your creativity. And when your special day rolls around, what sort of day will you proclaim it to be?

PS….ChocolateScotch is always accepting guest posts on creativity, art and inspiration as well as guest poems.  So if you create something and need a way to share it with the world our door is always open.  Just saying…


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brilliance flashes
souls speaking to souls
of creation
as the world begins again

each conversation
a moment of suspension
where time
is only a concept
and art the ideal

the words transform
as the sparks ignite
the conflagration consumes
all within the sphere
of community

collective imagination
burning brighter
than the individual flames
as the spark jumps
from one to the next

words and music
line and design
I see you all in colors
bright flames leaping higher


This poem was originally published at More Yarn For Me. You can view all of my poetry there.

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There is a moment in time
between nothing and something
when something’s gotta give.
It may only be a heartbeat,
or the time it takes
to walk away
from your heart’s desire.
But there comes a point
when the time for talking
has finally passed
and the only thing left
to do is…something.
But what that something is
can only be decided
in that brief moment
of impasse…


This poem was inspired by the synopsis of a movie by the same name. The screenplay was written by Jeanne Veillete Bowerman @Jeannevb (you can read about it on her website and it will be directed by Michael Bekemeyer @Bekemeyer.

This movie is a KickStarter project. Please check it out (AND CONTRIBUTE)!! 

When I read the synopsis I was moved to tears. I know that moment of impasse all too well. I knew in that moment that I had to do whatever I could to help Mike and Jeanne get this movie made. I don’t have much spare cash these days, but they don’t need a lot from any one person…they just need a big ‘ole bunch of us to skip a latte or two and help get the word out. So, that’s what I’m doing.

Check it out. If it moves you even a little bit, please consider donating. Even $1 counts. If you have a website or blog or facebook, G+ or twitter account follow these two wonderful, creative individuals and help spread the word.

Thank you.



This is a cross-post.  The original post is at More Yarn For Me.

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Sign The Petition

There is a documentary called “Bully” that should be shown to every kid in high school in the US. Personally, I think it should be shown to every kid over the age of 10. Regardless, as it stands right now, this film can’t be shown in any schools because the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) gave this film an R rating because of strong language. The very same language used by kids is what could keep them from seeing this film.

Please sign this petition asking the MPAA to change the rating for “Bully” to a PG-13 one so that it can be shown in schools where hopefully of can do some good.

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On Publishing and Being Published

One of the cool things about having a blog or website is that by default you become a publisher.  I’m certainly not one of the big 6, hell, I’m not one of the big 6,000,000. Still, I publish my own and other’s words for all the world to read. So, maybe I shouldn’t be so thrilled when someone else asks to publish my words. After all, it’s something I already do almost every day.

Still, it is a huge thrill to have someone say that they like your work. That something in your words meant something to them. I’ve starting thinking about publishing my words in a slightly more traditional format; as a book. Granted, I’m only aiming for an ebook initially. I think. Plans are just beginning to take shape and I have a lot of work to do to pull it all together; but it’s a start.

Two years ago I wrote my first poems since college (twenty-two years for anyone who is counting). I had no idea when those first smutty haikus came tumbling out of my head that I would continue to write poems. Yet, there have been days where I’ve written over twenty of the little buggers; and scarcely a day has passed without at least one being born. Two years ago if you had suggested to me that someone would ask to publish anything I had ever written or that maybe in a few years I’d publish a volume of poetry I would have thought you were nuts.

I’ve done a little voice work reading other peoples’ words. So, when Jack Hosley of Wander Radio approached me about publishing a few of my poems on his podcast it was even more special because he asked me to record them. I hadn’t recorded anything in months so to get the mic back out was one thing; to record my own work was a whole new kind of wonderful. I’ve never read my poems aloud to anyone before and found they seemed to have more meaning when I did.  Now, I read them all out loud.

So, thank you, Jack for inadvertantly teaching me that I need to read them out loud, and for being so generous in having me on your show.

You can listen to the episode here:

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By Sue Taliaferro
In response to “Damaged” by Anonymous


love comes with pain
marriage comes with pain
art comes with pain
life comes with pain

If I’m going to have pain
I want it to be of my choosing
If I’m going to struggle
I want to struggle with things I love

with yearning for more
with trying more and pushing myself
I don’t want to struggle with someone who is supposed to love me
but doesn’t

I want to know when
and why
and how
something is going to cause me pain

I don’t want to guess
because of someone else’s expectations of me
expectations I can never meet
and don’t want to

you are one of the few people in my life
who has always been
completely honest with me
who has always been there for me

who has loved me
I know you come with pain
but it’s a pain I welcome

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What You Can Do

I am a content creator. One of the first things I learned when I was studying photography was the copyright laws and how they applied to the latent image on the film from the moment the exposure is made. That’s right, for those of you that grew up post actual film, the image (and its ownership) is sacred and copywritten the instant it exists in the camera.  Protecting that copywrite was a very different matter back then and possession was nine tenths of the law, as the expression goes.  The negative was a physical thing that couldn’t be duplicated by a simple click of the mouse. Publication wasn’t instantaneous and world wide.

Today, theft and piracy are constant threats for anyone who creates art and content and publishes it electronically. We are all on guard constantly to make sure that not only is our material not being used without our express authorization, but also that we are not leaving ourselves vulnerable to theft by corporations with questionable terms of service contracts.

As terrible as online piracy is, and the threat is real, the answer is not government censorship, or the potential ability to censor.  Censorship of legitimate activities because of the potential bad behavior of others is not how I want my country to be run.  I don’t want a bunch of rich white men who don’t know an IP address from an IHoP telling me what I can or can’t put up on MY sites.

Being anti-SOPA or anti-PIPA does not mean I am for piracy, it means I am against my government trying to regulate something it’s ruling membership doesn’t even understand by means of censorship at the expense of the innocent.

Today, this site went dark in solidarity with hundreds of thousands of other websites large and small to boycott the pending SOPA and PIPA legislation. But, we need your help to make our point to the elected officials that want to curtail our rights to put our content up without the risk of censorship.

Please contact your representatives to Congress and tell them that if they support these bills, instead of the internet going dark, it will be the lights in their district offices going dark when we vote them out of office.

You can find your representative and their contact information HERE.

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