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Help Me Help You

Something has gone wrong
And you need help.
Maybe you looked for answers
On your own;
Maybe you didn’t.
Either way,
At some point you turned to me.

It’s my job to help you.
I spend a full forty hours a week
And more when there is over time
Helping people
Lots of people
Just like you.

I wouldn’t do this kind of job,
No matter how bad the economy gets,
If I didn’t like helping people;
Because while the pay is okay,
I have to put up with folks like you
And that takes a special dedication.
Or stupidity. Whatever.

I don’t understand,
No matter how many times
I have to deal with it,
Why you think it’s okay
Or even beneficial in some way,
To be abusive,
Or obnoxious,
Or just a bully
To the person who is trying to help you.

I understand you are frustrated.
And angry.
I get that this is about money,
And you may even be confused.
But really? ALL CAPS?
Or calling everyone who works here an idiot.
And, demanding that we fix our mistake
When it was really your mistake

Or else, what?
All you have accomplished
By being an abusive ass
Is you made my job a little bit harder.
And while I am certainly up to the challenge,
When my job is helping you,
Is that really what you want to do?

But beyond the job itself,
And fixing whatever your issue may happen to be;
There is a bigger picture here.
You seem to have forgotten
That you are dealing with
Your fellow human being.

And regardless of your issue,
Your level of frustration,
Your anger or confusion,
Or whatever your excuse may be;
It’s not okay to treat people
Even Customer Service slaves
Like they are less than people
Less than you

So if you really want to help me
Help you,
Then remember my words.
But if you really just need
To blow off some steam
At whomever is unlucky enough
To find themselves
In your cross hairs
I’ll be right with you.

With a smile,
What a fucking deuchbag,
While I fix your problem;
And wishing I could fix you

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brilliance flashes
souls speaking to souls
of creation
as the world begins again

each conversation
a moment of suspension
where time
is only a concept
and art the ideal

the words transform
as the sparks ignite
the conflagration consumes
all within the sphere
of community

collective imagination
burning brighter
than the individual flames
as the spark jumps
from one to the next

words and music
line and design
I see you all in colors
bright flames leaping higher


This poem was originally published at More Yarn For Me. You can view all of my poetry there.

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There is a moment in time
between nothing and something
when something’s gotta give.
It may only be a heartbeat,
or the time it takes
to walk away
from your heart’s desire.
But there comes a point
when the time for talking
has finally passed
and the only thing left
to do is…something.
But what that something is
can only be decided
in that brief moment
of impasse…


This poem was inspired by the synopsis of a movie by the same name. The screenplay was written by Jeanne Veillete Bowerman @Jeannevb (you can read about it on her website and it will be directed by Michael Bekemeyer @Bekemeyer.

This movie is a KickStarter project. Please check it out (AND CONTRIBUTE)!! 

When I read the synopsis I was moved to tears. I know that moment of impasse all too well. I knew in that moment that I had to do whatever I could to help Mike and Jeanne get this movie made. I don’t have much spare cash these days, but they don’t need a lot from any one person…they just need a big ‘ole bunch of us to skip a latte or two and help get the word out. So, that’s what I’m doing.

Check it out. If it moves you even a little bit, please consider donating. Even $1 counts. If you have a website or blog or facebook, G+ or twitter account follow these two wonderful, creative individuals and help spread the word.

Thank you.



This is a cross-post.  The original post is at More Yarn For Me.

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By Sue Taliaferro
In response to “Damaged” by Anonymous


love comes with pain
marriage comes with pain
art comes with pain
life comes with pain

If I’m going to have pain
I want it to be of my choosing
If I’m going to struggle
I want to struggle with things I love

with yearning for more
with trying more and pushing myself
I don’t want to struggle with someone who is supposed to love me
but doesn’t

I want to know when
and why
and how
something is going to cause me pain

I don’t want to guess
because of someone else’s expectations of me
expectations I can never meet
and don’t want to

you are one of the few people in my life
who has always been
completely honest with me
who has always been there for me

who has loved me
I know you come with pain
but it’s a pain I welcome

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Thunder Rumbling

Thunder rumbling
in the not-too-far-and-getting-closer-every-second distance.
Long, low rumbles
vibrate through my soul;
growling like my lover.

Tension building,
waiting for the flash,
waiting for the release.
The promise of a pounding rain
rumbling from your lips.

My tears will fall first.
The pain of missing you
so complete
the thought of riding out a storm without your strength
more than I can bear.

The air around me stills,
nature gathers herself.
Breaths collected and held.
A lover’s embrace
shelter enough through any storm.

Thirsty from want and wanting.
Torrential downpour painful, bruising;
wetness pounding life back in,
removing need.
Relief complete in the quiet after the storm.

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Circle-ing tap, tap
Tap dance-ing around the truth
My love, love-er, friend

You know. I know. We
Admit-ing, declare-ing love
In secret keep-ing

Change-ing plans. Chang-ing
Lives revolve-ing around time
Stolen kisses, kiss

Whisper-ing across
Time and distance. Whisper-ing
Secret promisses

Spin-ing clock hands, time
Slip-ing, swirl-ing away fast
Always love-ing you

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I Will Survive

I still feel you
Next to me
Against me
Inside me
Arms encircling

I still hear you
Whispering to me
Telling me your thoughts
Your dreams
That you love me

Etched into my mind
Into my soul
That will exist
Through all time

Of love
And loss
Of finding what was meant to be
And not being able to keep it

That even dreams
And hopes
Can’t make the impossible

For more dignity
While dying
And more strength
As I am crushed

That love hurts
That laughter heals
That anger is a preventable disease
And that I will survive

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