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Rewarding good deeds with free books

So earlier today, Vince Wilson re-tweeted this from Kris Lindbeck into my twitter stream:

2013-10-06 16.36.01

So follow Kris and do this if you would like to take her up on her generous offer. And, as is tradition in art, when you see a quality idea, take it and make it unique to you. or, as the saying goes, “Good writers borrow. Great writers steal.”. You may also send your information about how you give of your time (or proof of your donation that is at least $5) to me at dyed bright here (all run together) (at) gmail (dot) com and I will also l send you an ebook version of my upcoming book, Deep Breaths & Chocolate.

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Deep Breaths & Chocolate Cover Reveal

This cover was done by Scott E. Pond.  The underlying artwork is from a watercolor that I painted (so it’s extra special to me). Scott turned that painting into a tapestry, then created the perfect cover for my first volume of poems.  The release date is November 1, 2013 (in ebook, audiobook, and paperback versions). You can sample the ebook version now at Smashwords. It will be out in time for the holiday season (it will make a GREAT gift!).

Deep Breaths & Chocolate by Sue Baiman

Deep Breaths & Chocolate by Sue Baiman


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2nd Annual “Create Something Day”

Mark your calendars!

August 6, 2013 is the 2nd annual “Create Something Day”

The post on how I decided to do this last year is here.

And, the post on how that day went last year is here.

I’ve decided to do what I did last year again. That is, to declare my birthday to be “Create Something Day”. Because, it’s my birthday and I can do what I damn well please (provided I don’t break any laws). And, just because.

I try to not ask for much from people. This is one thing I am asking for though. Mark your calendar and on August 6, 2013 create something. You probably will anyway without really even giving it any thought. If you’re reading this, odds are you’re a person who is attuned to their own creativity already. But, I want you to be mindful of that creativity. Just for one day. Purposefully set out to do something creative. Anything. That’s all I ask.

If you want to let me know what you did, that would be great. You can use the comment section or drop me a guest post.

And, as always, if you are in the mood to share your thoughts on creativity, art, or inspiration, guest posts are always welcome. Instructions on submitting a guest post are on the Contributors page.



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Garaaga’s Children: Ancients

Garaaga's Sigil

I’ve had the tremendous pleasure of reading all of the stories in the Garaaga’s Children: Ancients series by Paul E. Cooley and been fortunate to be able to voice a few of the female characters in the Parsec  Award nominated podcast versions of some of these stories.

These stories start before the written word, when stories were passes down from one teller to the next. These are the stories that became the legends. The stories of the hunters, the hunted, and the story tellers themselves. Stories of love and war. Of sex and violence. Of ancient religions, warriors, and scholars.

These stories represent the beginning of an ever expanding saga. Garaaga, his children, their followers, and their hunters are not just the stuff of legends. They are around in the here and now as well. There are so many more stories to come as Cooley chronicles these groups as they battle their way through history.

Ancients is the first volume of the Garaaga’s Children tales.

Now, these stories are being published in a limited edition hard cover version that is being offered as a special package that includes the signed numbered hardcover, bonus materials, a bonus story, special ebook, and the audiobook. All for just $35.

These aren’t the stories that legends are made of. These are the legends themselves. Go back to the beginning and discover the truth of Garaaga for yourself.

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Looking Back

The idea of creativity and the act of creation is such a simple one: producing something from nothing. Yes, I have oversimplified. But, really, that’s what we’re talking about. How that equation plays out is different for each of us and different for each something we create. So, the complexity that results is staggering. I love that!

Chocolate Scotch has been around for 18 months now and as today is the end of 2012 it seems like an appropriate time to take stock of life, the universe, and everything. Getting people of all walks of life, who create in different ways, to share their thoughts on creativity, art, and/or inspiration in the hopes of adding kindling to people’s creative flame is the goal at ChocolateScotch. That there are poems, audio posts, stories, essays, and letters here thrills me. So far, there have been 78 guest posts in the Creativity Blog Project. This is a lot less than I had hoped to have by now; yet they are a stunning collection of thoughts.

In looking back, I know I’ve not given this site the time and energy it requires to grow over the past year. As with a lot of my creative endeavors, I started out by giving it my undivided attention and over time let myself get sidetracked. As with all things, moderation is key. I know now that publishing a guest post a day was an insane way to start this project. It took way too much of my time and made sustaining that output (once the initial pile was posted) all but impossible. That is, and have any kind of life beyond these pages.

For the coming year, I would like to post a couple of guest posts a month. Every other week seems reasonable; one a week would be ideal. If you’ve already contributed but have another thought on creativity that you would like to share, by all means submit again. If you haven’t already contributed, why not?

If you are already on the awesome page of contributors and would like to update your information, please send an email with how you would like your bio blurb to read now. And, if you are updating that, I urge you to consider sending in some new thoughts as well (but this is not required).

If I had to sum up the past year in a single word, it would be grateful. Grateful for all of the support I have received from friends old and new. Grateful for the amazing and inspiring posts so many have contributed here. Grateful to be doing things I love like writing and editing. Grateful for too many people and things to list them all here. Mostly, grateful for you.

Thank you for reading.

Here’s to a brand new year and the creations we all bring forth therein.



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Help Me Help You

Something has gone wrong
And you need help.
Maybe you looked for answers
On your own;
Maybe you didn’t.
Either way,
At some point you turned to me.

It’s my job to help you.
I spend a full forty hours a week
And more when there is over time
Helping people
Lots of people
Just like you.

I wouldn’t do this kind of job,
No matter how bad the economy gets,
If I didn’t like helping people;
Because while the pay is okay,
I have to put up with folks like you
And that takes a special dedication.
Or stupidity. Whatever.

I don’t understand,
No matter how many times
I have to deal with it,
Why you think it’s okay
Or even beneficial in some way,
To be abusive,
Or obnoxious,
Or just a bully
To the person who is trying to help you.

I understand you are frustrated.
And angry.
I get that this is about money,
And you may even be confused.
But really? ALL CAPS?
Or calling everyone who works here an idiot.
And, demanding that we fix our mistake
When it was really your mistake

Or else, what?
All you have accomplished
By being an abusive ass
Is you made my job a little bit harder.
And while I am certainly up to the challenge,
When my job is helping you,
Is that really what you want to do?

But beyond the job itself,
And fixing whatever your issue may happen to be;
There is a bigger picture here.
You seem to have forgotten
That you are dealing with
Your fellow human being.

And regardless of your issue,
Your level of frustration,
Your anger or confusion,
Or whatever your excuse may be;
It’s not okay to treat people
Even Customer Service slaves
Like they are less than people
Less than you

So if you really want to help me
Help you,
Then remember my words.
But if you really just need
To blow off some steam
At whomever is unlucky enough
To find themselves
In your cross hairs
I’ll be right with you.

With a smile,
What a fucking deuchbag,
While I fix your problem;
And wishing I could fix you

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Happy Birthday to Me

When it comes to holidays, I’m a firm believer that a person’s birthday is their one special day just for them.  It’s their holiday; their day to do whatever their heart desires (within the constraints imposed by the necessities of finances, work schedules, etc).  But I think you know what I mean.  Other holidays are about various religious or national celebrations and involve the whole family being active participants.  Your birthday is just that…yours.

Seven years ago on the occasion of my 40th birthday I chose to not do any chores on that day.  Now, this was not necessarily an unusual choice on my part; I avoid housework as much as I possibly can.  On that day, however, I felt I had a great reason…it was my birthday, my special day, my day to do or not do as I saw fit.  To which I was promptly asked if I was somehow special because it was my birthday. And when I asserted that was in fact the case, I was told that I’m not a fucking princess, that I was mistaken and I am not in any way special, and, “Happy Fucking Birthday”.

To say I was devastated doesn’t do justice to how I felt at that moment.  That I sit here with tears streaming down my face as I recount the story seven years later speaks to the damage that one interaction did to me.  A part of me believed what I was told.

Fast forward through seven years.  Years that feel more like lifetimes.  I know now, how wrong that person was.  I know I suck at housework. And, while I struggle to improve in that area, I also know it has no bearing on what kind of human being I am.  I am special.  As are you.  We all have our faults and we all have wonderful gifts.

So, this year I reclaimed my birthday as my special day and I celebrated for an entire weekend.  I didn’t throw any elaborate party or take an exotic trip or spend a lot of money. Hell, I didn’t even bother with a cake this year. What I did do, was spend time with my boys, have two inexpensive meals out where I didn’t have to cook or cleanup, and I got myself a small, useful, inexpensive present.

Oh, and I declared the day to be “Create Something Day”.  And my kids and I talked about creativity.  And how creating things inside a video game (Minecraft) absolutely counts as creating something.

Then NASA went and landed on Mars.  I can’t even begin to discuss the awesomeness of that.

And a friend from Twitter, Lance Schonberg, posted about what creative things he had done on “Create Something Day”.  To inspire someone else in any small way is something so amazing I don’t even have words for the joy it gives me.

I spent today and the entire weekend talking to friends on twitter between all the other activities that make up my daily existence (as usual).  The first voice I heard on my birthday was that of someone near and dear to me over the phone. And I remembered that not only am I special on my birthday, but I’m special every day, even when I’m not my best me.

I couldn’t ask for better gifts.

Thank you all for the best birthday ever.


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