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By Kate Cheevers

Faint but echoing whispers
of what we’ve lost,
or could never be.
These are the sounds we hear;
they haunt our lonely dreams.

Are we broken
or merely lost?
Set adrift on a lonely sea
we fear there are no happy tomorrows.
We fear what may never be.

You told me once I am worthy.
Hard to believe,
but you say that it’s true.
For what it’s worth, I do believe.
It’s what I believe of you.

This poem was given to me (and to post here) as a birthday present from my gorgeous and talented friend, Kate.  I don’t have words for how amazing such a gift is or how much it means to me.  Thank you.

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We Are Here Now

By Richard Green

Our joys and pains connect us
even as they sometimes isolate us.
No one truly knows us;
but we all share this human experience.

Nothing really happens to us
that hasn’t happened to others.
Nothing we’ve done
that others aren’t capable of.

What makes us who we are
is that we are here now
living this unique mix of lives.
May we make the road better
for those travelling with us.

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A Teardrop Falls

By Kate Cheevers

A teardrop falls
A glistening prismatic refraction of light
Reflecting pain and sadness and loss
And the glimmer of hope behind every dark cloud

I need the release
I can’t hold this inside, bottled up and bursting
My sadness growing until it consumes me
Taking over my mind and soul and leaving me empty

Let your tears fall
It’s not shameful to cry
Releasing the anguish and loss in your heart
Leaves you free to fill that space with love
Happiness is waiting to light that void

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Writer’s Lament

By Daniel José Older

writing queries
more edits
new paragraphs
old paragraphs

*head explodes*


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How Do You Measure?

By Arlene Radasky

March 11, 2012

She bubbles with enthusiasm and love of life,
Her smile is infectious and laughs come often.
She radiates warmth and invites in friends,
While inside she carries her fears tucked tight.

Her family begins to circle around her
Her husband understands that time is precious
Her son, daughter in law and two grandchildren
Know that she is their trembling rock.

So many years ago, the horrible diagnosis
Breast cancer were the words she heard
Cut and sewn back together to get it out
Radiation and chemo on board to kill it all.

All was well as life ensued
Then almost two decades later it’s back.
And now she is expected to understand why
While she fights again, for time.

Chemo on board again was working
Created a time with side effects and stress.
But also gave time to enjoy more of life
With all those she loves.

Now there is a need for harsher drugs
The side effects are disabling.
Nausea, aches and loss of hair
All distant memories of a time thought past.

We come to her, surround her with love.
We, her friends who have walked with her for years.
We supplement her family and dog
And love her just as much.

Two of us spoke up when we heard,
Two of us took her hand and said
If she loses her hair we would too,
Although all love her the same.

In a few days I will sit in a chair
Nothing like the one she sits in, attached to a drip line.
My hair will be shaved off in support
Hers will fall on her shoulders because of the drugs.

Three of us will learn to wrap scarves
Three of us will look for sequined caps
Three of us will laugh at bumps on our heads
But two of us volunteered.

This is not about me
Or what I will look like for a short time.
But my love for a friend is what I am explaining,
The reason for my very short hair.

How do you measure love?
You are not required to cut your hair.
You measure by not turning away, and being right there
When she needs to talk, a shoulder to lean on.

We all will be there, her family circle
And her circle of very close friends.
We will be there when we are needed
Because she would do the same for us.

That is the measure of love.

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A Choice

By Kate Cheevers


Tonight I yearn to unmake
Decisions made long ago.
What paths would my life take
If I could go back?

A different yesterday yields
A different tomorrow.
Would those once unripened fields
Still have blossomed or grown?

Every step I’ve taken
Has led me here.
There’s not one day to which I waken
That could be otherwise.

If that one moment, that one choice
That one day could be undone;
Maybe I could silence this voice.
What pain and sadness would never have been?

But it’s not just going back.
The unwishing of an unknown wish.
It’s the end of a path.
It’s a life that would never have been lived.

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By Anonymous


I make bad choices
get involved with damaged people
and sometimes they forget
I’m just as damaged
I’m not the solution
or the answer
to any question or problem
I can’t offer anything but myself to others
and that’s what I do
and try not to spread the damage
yet I always seem to
regardless of what I try
or my intentions
I hurt others
and suffer for it
but not nearly as much as those I hurt
and I can’t seem to ever break the cycle



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