Sue Baiman (formerly Taliaferro) is the BrightEyedDyer behind Dyed Bright Here. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia and an Associate Arts Degree from the Harrisburg Area Community College, both in photography.

She is a relative newcomer to the yarn and fiber world. She taught herself how to knit early in 2005 and in doing so discovered a new love (ok, it’s an obsession) and a previously hidden talent. In her 2nd year knitting Sue decided to try her hand at dyeing her own yarn. She started out with kool-aid, moved on to other food safe dyes and finally graduated to professional acid dyes before the year was out.

Sock knitting quickly became her favorite kind of project. The combination of portability, low total project cost compared to sweaters, the blank canvas on which to experiment with any knitting technique she desired (and she’s tried just about all of them), and most importantly the amazing, crazy, awesome, vibrant, cool, quirky (you get the idea) sock yarns with which to create had her hooked!

She started experimenting with bright colors, unusual color combinations, patterning, and application methods. As she did so, her stash of hand painted and hand dyed yarns grew exponentially. Eventually she needed to either stop playing in the dyes quite so much, learn to knit a whole lot faster, or go into business.

And, that is how Dyed Bright Here was born. Today the BrightEyedDyer has over 24 established colorways and is constantly experimenting with new colorways for upcoming seasons. A special feature of her yarn line is the Limited Edition (LE) Colorways she designs for Balticon each year. These colorways are inspired by the work of other artists–writers and podcasters. She bases the colorways on the stories, characters, and themes of podcasts and books created by an amazing array of talented people.

You can see all of the Dyed Bright Here Colorways and read about the her color experiments and dyer notes on the colorways at Dyed Bright Here.

Recently, Sue has also been doing a lot of writing, a lot of editing, and even some voice work.

And, there’s this crazy project she started for no good reason other than to get people to think about Creativity, Art, and Inspiration called the Creativity Blog that is composed entirely of guest posts…


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