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28 Jun

Opening Up Through Podcasting

Creativity, to me, is a way to connect with the world and to find my place within it.

I’m one of those weird folks who is introverted while also being a total chatterbox. I really enjoy talking with people who interest or inspire me, but too much contact with people (even ones that I like!) wears me out after a while, and I need to do something that allows me to recharge my batteries. I channel that energy and need into doing something creative, sometimes just for myself.

I started podcasting for just that reason – as a way to open up and share my thoughts and feelings, even if no one was listening. I’ve always been better at expressing myself out loud than in writing, and podcasting really allowed me to have freedom from expectations, social norms and creative limits. Since there are no real “rules” to podcasting, I was able to take my “show” and do whatever I wanted with it!

I found that the less I tried to follow a plan or structure, the easier the words flowed, and the more genuine I could be as a person. I could open up and discuss things that interested me or made an important statement. I’m nowhere near the best podcaster out there – but I never set out to come across as any kind of “expert” on my topics. I just wanted to be another parent, sharing her point of view and experiences being a geek and raising children. And I was delighted to be welcomed into the podcasting community, and found support, encouragement, and relationships with amazing people.

Ultimately, because I was brave enough to start podcasting myself, what started as a way to “recharge” became an important part of my life, and has resulted in some of the best friendships and experiences I’ve ever had.

So the lesson from this story? Don’t be afraid to try out those creative endeavors! Take the plunge, and try something new and different. Write that story. Record that song. Paint that image. Whatever it is, you might be surprised by the far-reaching effects, even if you aren’t the best at that activity. You will never know what will happen if you don’t give it a try, and you might be very surprised by the results – even if your first attempt doesn’t soar, your life is richer for trying.

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