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14 Jun

The Creative Escape

Sometimes I find creativity sneaking up on me in the oddest places. When I’m driving, trying to fall asleep or when I’m just waking up, when I’m out and about and have absolutely nothing to write on et cetera. These are the times when I try to keep repeating the thoughts over and over in my head so that when I get home I can phrase it exactly as it is in that moment, then I see something else that decides to distract me from that thought and I have another creative moment and they begin to get jumbled together.

Ah, the life of a bipolar. Creativity strikes at the worst and yet the best of times and then becomes a whole mess that one must try to decipher. I like to think of it as that huge mess of yarn that we knitters and crocheters have to occasionally deal with that is a pain in the you know what, but once you get through it, you can turn it into something beautiful.

I can turn my messy thoughts into many different things, they can go from being a horrid mess that cause me to want to cry and go fetal into being a beautiful poem or a blog post that someone else who may feel the same exact way can relate to but isn’t able to fully express, to a painting that holds my pain and turns it from being something ugly into something lovely. I can tell a story that takes me away from myself into a world far away from everything I know. I can become someone else, I can be someone who isn’t a mess. I can be someone who is able to be happy when they smile rather than smiling for others.

I use my creativity as an escape to get away from myself.

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