Garaaga’s Children: Ancients

28 Apr

Garaaga's Sigil

I’ve had the tremendous pleasure of reading all of the stories in the Garaaga’s Children: Ancients series by Paul E. Cooley and been fortunate to be able to voice a few of the female characters in the Parsec ¬†Award nominated podcast versions of some of these stories.

These stories start before the written word, when stories were passes down from one teller to the next. These are the stories that became the legends. The stories of the hunters, the hunted, and the story tellers themselves. Stories of love and war. Of sex and violence. Of ancient religions, warriors, and scholars.

These stories represent the beginning of an ever expanding saga. Garaaga, his children, their followers, and their hunters are not just the stuff of legends. They are around in the here and now as well. There are so many more stories to come as Cooley chronicles these groups as they battle their way through history.

Ancients is the first volume of the Garaaga’s Children tales.

Now, these stories are being published in a limited edition hard cover version that is being offered as a special package that includes the signed numbered hardcover, bonus materials, a bonus story, special ebook, and the audiobook. All for just $35.

These aren’t the stories that legends are made of. These are the legends themselves. Go back to the beginning and discover the truth of Garaaga for yourself.

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