Beware the Hairy Mango

01 Sep

The title of this podcast is very bad advice.  Do not beware the hairy mango; embrace it in all of it’s strange goodness.

Matthew Sanborn Smith combines flash fiction with what at first listen sounds like the stream-of-consiousness ramblings of the criminally insane in itty-bitty episodes (4-7 minutes) that pack one hell of a punch.  The stories are massive mashups of bizarro, fantasy, science fiction, satire, humor, and just plain silliness.  There is lots of potty humor, sexual inuendos, foul language (or fowl language, who knew ducks talked that way?), puns, and play-on-words ridiculousness.

As someone who normally mainlines podcasts, I’ve had to change my listening behaviour with this podcast.  It has quickly become my favorite mental floss to clean out the detritus left behind in my grey matter by some of the other podcasts I listen to that make me think too much.  This is not a podcast that you will want to listen to all 137 (and counting) episodes at one time.  It’s too high energy, too insane for that.  Instead it is perfect as is…just one or two episodes at a time.  It is like podcast chocolate…so amazingly wonderful a bite or two at a time.

Meanwhile, there have been a lot of episodes that I listen to repeatedly.  For silly stuff, these bits of flash fiction are well crafted and I want to go back to get all the tasty bits I miss in the first listen.  The style is minimalist.  This is not flowery prose and fear not, no adjectives were wasted in the writing here.  This is definitely an acquired taste; but it quickly becomes an addiction.

There are things in life that I love to indulge in.  Things like chocolate, scotch, and hairy mangos.


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