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04 Aug

Last week Wil Wheaton, of STtNG fame and all around cool geek guy, decided to declare his birthday to be “Don’t Be a Dick Day”. What a wonderful idea to take your birthday and proclaim it to be whatever kind of day you want (preferably something that has the potential to yield positive results). Technically, Wil didn’t start it; but he saw the brilliance of it and embraced it. If you don’t already read his blog, the story is here.

So, in this spirit, I have decided to proclaim my birthday, this coming Monday, August 6th, to be “Create Something Day”. While I won’t turn down fancy chocolates or a lovely bottle of scotch, the one thing I’m asking for is for you to create something. Anything. Draw something, write something, start the blog you’ve been dreaming of, knit, crochet, cook… Whatever.

It doesn’t matter what you create. It matters THAT you create.

If you want to share your creativity, that would be awesome. If just one person creates something that they wouldn’t have otherwise, this will be the best birthday ever. Actually, truth be told, even if none of you does a damn thing this will still be the best birthday ever. But your creativity will certainly make it awesomer. Yep, that’s a word. See, I just created that…okay, I’m making it up. Same difference.

So, stretch your imagination and use your creativity. And when your special day rolls around, what sort of day will you proclaim it to be?

PS….ChocolateScotch is always accepting guest posts on creativity, art and inspiration as well as guest poems. ┬áSo if you create something and need a way to share it with the world our door is always open. ┬áJust saying…


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