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04 Jun


{Click on “Dreamhand” to hear Dave read this wonderful poem}


Gather ‘round me children I wanna tease you with a rhyme.
I wanna play a guessing game with you if you can spare the time.

We’ve been together you and I for quite a while now.
It’s time I introduced myself. It’s time I showed you how
The two of us can shake this world like a thunderstick
Full of storms and dreams and wonderthings.

I’m the Dream Hand
I’m the wordsmith,
The dream-maker,
I’m the the silver-tongued soul shaker
I’m the music between the song
I’m the poem in the words
I’m the touch that turns to passion
I’m the bite that makes you burn

And you made me.

Wanna know how?

My genesis was in the moment you opened your eyes
And felt the need
Felt the limit
Felt the line
between what you are
and what you can be.

In that heartbreaking moment of false revelation
My hand began to reach from the womb of your mind,
And when you reached out and loved something for the very first time
I was born.

You made me.

Wanna know why?

Did you ever wonder why you want something?
Did you ever wonder why you love?
It’s because there’s a part of you spinning in that thing
A part of you singing in that song
Sparkling in that jewel.

I’m your eyes that see that shimmer
I’m your ears that hear that song
And I’m the hand you use to bring it back to you.

Next time you read some words that send a shiver through your soul
Next time you taste a perfect peach and feel the juice of every summer trickle across your tongue
Next time you say the perfect thing
Next time you just can’t help yourself

Next time you feel
The Shiver
The Fire
The Chill
The Desire
The Wow!
The Yes!
The Now
The Bliss
Of living in this world we made,
Baby… I’ll be there.

If you want me, then shut your eyes and look around
Close your ears and listen
Tie your hands behind your back and try and feel for me
And I’ll be there!

I’m the Dream Hand!
I’m the treasure chest that’s never been opened
I’m the key to every lock
I’m the spark that lights the kindling
I’m the shiver I’m the shock


When you reach out to touch that precious thing you can’t believe is real,
You’re reaching with the Dream Hand,
Plucking sweet fruit from the indigo tree.

I’m your palette
I’m your brush
I’m every color, every sound
Every shadow, every blaze
I’m every sparkle shimmer wonderthing you’ve ever wanted.

I have no limits
I span the length and breadth and height and depth
And STILL my reach sustains.

What about you?

Is there something you can’t do, something you can’t see?
Is there a treasure you don’t have?
Is there something you wanna be?

Well, child of the here and now, have I got news for you!
I’m waiting just behind your eyes.
Let’s take a walk and fantasize.
Pack your bags, then leave ‘em behind…
That baggage will just slow us down.

One more thing and then I’m through.
Here’s my solemn oath to you:

I’ll help you fix that broken line.
Whatever you’ve lost, I’ll help you find.
Those dreams you thought were out of reach,
I’ll be the bridge; I’ll mend the breach
Between your hand
And those parts of your soul you see spinning in the sky of tomorrow.


Tomorrow’s now, baby.

Lemme lend you a hand.

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