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23 Jan

When talking to school groups there are several questions they always ask me at the end, “Where do you get your ideas” and “How did you become a writer”.  Kids always ask the hard questions.  In truth I have become a writer through stubborness. I’m not one of those writers that would write without an audience, I like to write things that people read, and for that to happen I need to sell my work.  So to start with I wrote a lot of things that didn’t sell, and I listened to feedback when I could get it.  Then I found an educational publisher that needed fresh material every year and I sculpted my writing to fit their needs.  I’ve sold stories to them for several years now, which is fantastic but I’m greedy.  I want to sell books to kids commercially as well.  Although my main writing is in short form it’s almost impossible to get into the picture book market as a first attempt.  So I decided I’d have to write chapter books first.  At the moment I’m in the terrible process of trying to hook an agent.  I’ve had positive feedback, and done the re-write she asked for….watch this space…

The idea question is a little easier.  Writing ideas come by magic I think.  Sometimes real life moments provide a start, but the real alchemy is something I don’t really understand.  I don’t want to really, I’m just grateful the ideas still arrive.

So for me writing is a wonderful mix of magic and commerce.  It works for me.

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