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67 Vince Wilson

Ink is blood and I have a message that comes from the heart. This is why I write. Story is the primary element of my writing; form, tone and color are the vehicles that make the story become what it will be. We all have stories, passions, experiences and questions. My journey as a writer constantly affirms that I should write about that which I know. I write from a visceral place of urgency and human desire.

Some writers want to find a form and never expand beyond it, invert it, or explore it.  Dedication to anything other than the art or the message in the art is dangerously close to kitsch. There has to be more than a gimmick.

Words are rituals. Each time we use a word, we invoke every other instance the word appears, hence the fear of cliché. My goal is to make a new meaning of an old word or make a new concept from a combination of old words.  Unless you have a penchant for neologisms, you are shuffling a limited deck of language. But, the things you can do with those words! Absolutely magical.

One thing on when to write: write at all times. Producing a poem should not be a miracle; it should be a habit. Each moment is pregnant with poetry. Certainly, some moments lend themselves to poetic inspiration more so than others, but what is poetry but an exploration of life itself?

Every living moment is a teachable moment, a reversal, a celebration, or a point of reflection. Appeal to the senses and the common memories we share to draw the reader into the moment. Make it keen. Write when you want to and when you don’t want to. It’s easier that way.

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66 Kylie Parry

When talking to school groups there are several questions they always ask me at the end, “Where do you get your ideas” and “How did you become a writer”.  Kids always ask the hard questions.  In truth I have become a writer through stubborness. I’m not one of those writers that would write without an audience, I like to write things that people read, and for that to happen I need to sell my work.  So to start with I wrote a lot of things that didn’t sell, and I listened to feedback when I could get it.  Then I found an educational publisher that needed fresh material every year and I sculpted my writing to fit their needs.  I’ve sold stories to them for several years now, which is fantastic but I’m greedy.  I want to sell books to kids commercially as well.  Although my main writing is in short form it’s almost impossible to get into the picture book market as a first attempt.  So I decided I’d have to write chapter books first.  At the moment I’m in the terrible process of trying to hook an agent.  I’ve had positive feedback, and done the re-write she asked for….watch this space…

The idea question is a little easier.  Writing ideas come by magic I think.  Sometimes real life moments provide a start, but the real alchemy is something I don’t really understand.  I don’t want to really, I’m just grateful the ideas still arrive.

So for me writing is a wonderful mix of magic and commerce.  It works for me.

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What You Can Do

I am a content creator. One of the first things I learned when I was studying photography was the copyright laws and how they applied to the latent image on the film from the moment the exposure is made. That’s right, for those of you that grew up post actual film, the image (and its ownership) is sacred and copywritten the instant it exists in the camera.  Protecting that copywrite was a very different matter back then and possession was nine tenths of the law, as the expression goes.  The negative was a physical thing that couldn’t be duplicated by a simple click of the mouse. Publication wasn’t instantaneous and world wide.

Today, theft and piracy are constant threats for anyone who creates art and content and publishes it electronically. We are all on guard constantly to make sure that not only is our material not being used without our express authorization, but also that we are not leaving ourselves vulnerable to theft by corporations with questionable terms of service contracts.

As terrible as online piracy is, and the threat is real, the answer is not government censorship, or the potential ability to censor.  Censorship of legitimate activities because of the potential bad behavior of others is not how I want my country to be run.  I don’t want a bunch of rich white men who don’t know an IP address from an IHoP telling me what I can or can’t put up on MY sites.

Being anti-SOPA or anti-PIPA does not mean I am for piracy, it means I am against my government trying to regulate something it’s ruling membership doesn’t even understand by means of censorship at the expense of the innocent.

Today, this site went dark in solidarity with hundreds of thousands of other websites large and small to boycott the pending SOPA and PIPA legislation. But, we need your help to make our point to the elected officials that want to curtail our rights to put our content up without the risk of censorship.

Please contact your representatives to Congress and tell them that if they support these bills, instead of the internet going dark, it will be the lights in their district offices going dark when we vote them out of office.

You can find your representative and their contact information HERE.

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Stop SOPA will be unavailable tomorrow, January 18, 2012, from 8am to 8pm est to boycott the proposed SOPA legislation.  If you haven’t already, please contact your representatives in congress and tell them you oppose this legislation.

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