Legends by Paul E. Cooley

19 Dec

Legends is a combination of two stories, “The Last Hunter” and “Keepers”. These are the first two entries in an ongoing series that combines ancient history, ancient mysteries, gods, monsters, love and loss. These first two stories introduce a creature–god? monster? yes!–and those who have been tasked with fighting him and making sure no one ever forgets the legends of the beast.

At a time when civilizations were first being formed, numerous religions fought for worshipers and influence. Many of their traditions and ideals seem strange to us now, but none as strange as Garaaga. As the stories unfold, the reader is forced to look at Garaaga, Garaaga’s children, his worshippers, and those who would rid them all from the ancient landscape from multiple viewpoints; causing the reader to question who is good and who is evil.

There is a bitter sweetness to these stories. Cooley has added elements of love and lust to tales that are at other times brutally violent. The result is a rich tapestry of emotions and actions guaranteed to leave the reader begging for more.

At just $ 0.99 for both of these stories together, it’s a deal you shouldn’t pass up.  You can find this newest offering at Amazon.


Disclaimer: Paul is one of my closest friends. I beta read his work and did the female voices for these stories in the podcast versions. I am obviously biased about him and his writing. He did not ask for (or even know I was going to do) this review. Check his work out for yourself and we can compare notes. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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