63 Laura Church

01 Sep

This story started in April , 2011. That was when, after complaining of shingles pain, the neurologist called and told me I had cancer. A bone cancer tumour in the back of my skull on the left. The shock gradually wore off as test after test confirmed this diagnosis. They told me this was the best of the worst news. My cancer was slow growing, non-invasive, not aggressive. All good things with cancer. I had a long road ahead of me with surgery to biopsy and debulk the tumour follower by radiation to get the rest of it that couldn’t be removed because my carotid artery and many nerves were tangled in it. I was determined to get through this, to Battle The Tumour (#BTT on Twitter).

Fast forward to August 8th , surgery day. As I lay on my back, my surgeon opened a 3”x3” hole in my skull, and drained my cerebral fluid, causing my brain to slump forward onto my face. This opened up a channel between my skull and my brain which allowed him to access the tumour. He debulked half of the mass before being stopped where the tumour was entangled in my carotid artery and nerves. A sample was sent to pathology to biopsy. The doctors closed me up. Then, my work began. The work of healing. I have been so busy healing, and frankly, being exhausted, that I have not been able to create. This has been very difficult. The urge to create, the ideas, and the inspiration have been disturbing my peace of mind. Pushing me to do something, anything, to create!

Just this week I decided that I needed to get back into the kitchen. Woohoo. Even though I need help, it has felt so good to be creating meals and providing for my family. First I created a meal plan and from that a shopping list. Now, each day, I am able to create a meal, within my limitations, or with help. Creating balanced meals, with flavours we all enjoy, that I am able to make, has satisfied my need to be creative. Ah, now my mind is calm. Except, I wonder, which meal should I make today? :^)


PS. This post was prompted by a twitter exchange between Sue and I:

Me to Sue: Sorry to see the streak come to an end. Glad you’ll keep us company in the meantime.

Sue to me: It doesn’t have to….

Me to Sue: Me? Again? I’ll stew it over.

Sue to me: Hmmm, “stew”. Creativity in the kitchen?

So, I guess Keith Dugger isn’t the only one creating to Sue’s prompts anymore.


~Glad I could help. Now, if only my kids listened even half as well…  ~Sue


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  1. Doc Coleman

    September 23, 2011 at 10:42 am

    Creativity is where you find it.




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