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28 Aug

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Inspiration Through Perspiration

The more I write, the more I write. Unpacking that: the more that I work, the more I find I have things to say, and the more I write them down. I have gone through long periods of waiting for a creative spark to hit, only to find that putting fingers to the keyboard to write just about anything causes the levee to break wide open. I find torrents of words where there was nothing. Hence: the more I write, the more I write. I used to believe that The Muse had to deliver me THE IDEA. THE IDEA would spring fully-formed like anĀ alien parasite from John Hurt’s stomach, ready to dance for me.

I learned that this was a fantasy. I took myself and my preferences out of the equation. No agonizing over what program to use, what advice to take, where to begin, what style to use, what tone to strike. I sit. I write. Nothing else.If I sit down and let the words flow, no matter what they are, it’s like water over a mill wheel. Gears turn. There is grist to grind, words to write. Ideas, both good and bad, present themselves. Often times, I cannot tell what is good and what is bad until working through the idea. The silliest things explode into something wonderful; what seems amazing fizzles out in a puff of smoke.

The more words I write, the more words come to me. I’ve come to accept the process, not the Muse, creates the ideas.

Work itself fuels my inspiration.

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  1. Aurora

    August 28, 2011 at 12:12 pm

    Great little piece. Thanks, Chris.


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