58 Odin

27 Aug

Creativity. Art. Inspiration.

I have to admit that these three words don’t describe me to me. In other words, they’re not part of my self view. At least not at this point in time.

Many of you (I hope) know me through my blog, The View from Valhalla, where I currently provide a weekly review of a podcasted work of fiction. A few might know me for my own fiction that can be found hidden at the same blog, or delivered through the wonderful podcast, Every Photo Tells.

In neither of these endeavors do I feel like I’m being overly creative. I don’t feel like I’m creating art. I definitely don’t feel like any of it has been inspired.

What I do feel is this: everyone has a talent. I don’t think talents should be defined as something that necessarily comes easier to you than someone else. I don’t even, necessarily, believe talents are something you do better than others. In my experience, every talent I’ve ever had ascribed to me has come through hours of effort. Work.

I weekly review very talented people. People that have worked to perfect their art. People that give it away for free. Why? Because an artist desires to have their art seen, heard, felt. I simply let others see that art through my eyes. Will everyone see it the same? I hope not.

Art. Creativity. Inspiration. Effort. Perseverance. Work.

All of these traits, and many more, I see in so many of you.

Thank you. Now, get back to work and create more inspired art for me.

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