48 Kate Sherrod

17 Aug

Once long ago, a certain centipede
Was asked just how he managed legs and feet —
So many of them! — walking, sure, would need
Coordination; how then, did he meet
The need? He thought long, hard, and then, at last
Tried walking and, in thinking, walking failed.
‘Tis this I fear when I regard, aghast,
The question of creation. I have paled
In fear of such result, but since I seek
My inspiration from my crazy friends,
Who dare me just as you have, I will speak
A bit on how it happens. Nothing lends
A luster to one’s work like challenges
Impossible or otherwise, I says!


Posted by on August 17, 2011 in Creativity Guest Posts


2 Responses to 48 Kate Sherrod

  1. Scott E. Pond

    August 17, 2011 at 10:17 am

    Fantastic imagery, Kate! And just as I imaged: short, succinct, and right on the mark. Seriously, fantastic piece!

  2. Laura

    August 20, 2011 at 9:40 am

    Love this. There is such fun and joy in your creations!


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