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03 Jul

Hi Sue!

First, it was a real pleasure meeting you at Balticon. That was one hell
of a great weekend — meeting so many creative, talented people is
always an inspiration to me. Frankly, I love to hear responses to the
type of question you just posed. I’m always amazed at what drives
people, how much creative energy there is in the world, and the hows and
whys people do their artforms… even if they don’t consider themselves

The act of creative expression blows me away. As a Dad, I love to see it
in my little boy when he writes a little story, draws a picture, dances,
makes music, etc. I often wonder what neural paths led him to create
what he does. Since I’m more or less aware of what “data sources” he’s
had growing up, I try to figure out what combinations of events/inputs
have triggered his own creative expression… and some of the things he
“makes” have a ring of familiarity, of course! However, sometimes I’m
shocked at what comes out of him. “Wow! How did he come up with that?”

Creative expression is still a mystery and a marvel in that sense to me.
For my own creative expression, I often do it because I “have” to. Sort
of like creative compulsion… even if I’m not very good at something. I
have to keep going, latching on to an idea, an inspiration — even
something as simple as the way the shadows fall on a certain afternoon
— until I can capture that idea and build it into… well, whatever it
is that I’m inspired to build it into.

It is, in a way, a good sickness. 🙂 Like a healthy addiction. One of
the “highs” I personally get from my own creative expression is when
I’ve managed to convey a specific thought or emotion through another
medium… to another person.

And the reverse is true. I love art. That’s why I mentioned Balticon at
the beginning of my response. I was exposed to so many great ideas, so
many creative expressions, it just inspired me. I love that moment when
I experience someone else’s art — the moment of connection when I “get”
something from it. (Perhaps not always what they may have intended!) But
that exchange, that connection, that understanding, that inspiration…
that’s the heart of it for me.

Best, James


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3 Responses to 3 James Durham

  1. Neil Colquhoun

    July 3, 2011 at 4:32 pm

    James – your post illustrates what we all know. Inspiration can be found anywhere, from the simple to the sublime.

    Stay Alive – Neil Colquhoun

  2. Kat Dugger

    July 5, 2011 at 5:29 pm

    I love what you said! I watch my children and their creativeness and because I have the memory of an elephant, I get taken back to my childhood and compare/contrast things. The one thing I make sure I do – feed them and encourage them to continuously create and express themselves.

  3. Arlene Radasky

    July 17, 2011 at 6:15 pm

    Is there nothing more inspirational than a child? Especially if it is our child or grandchild. Good thought.


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