26 J. Sterling Smith

26 Jul

Inspiration is realizing the world is nothing but raw materials. Creativity is the nerve to take those raw materials and combine them in ways to tell a story or share an emotion. Art is the result.

Inspiration… I personally believe that many people use this world inaccurately. Inspiration is NOT something that happens to you. This kind of thinking makes it seem like it’s a hit or miss deal or something that you can turn off. Inspiration is all-encompassing and eternal. The only way you can’t be inspired is by not being open to it. Inspiration is in the way a seagull swoops through the air. Inspiration is the person who just walked past you in the street, it’s driving the car next to you. It’s the newspaper sitting on your front porch. It’s the magazine sitting on your coffee table. Inspiration simply IS. If you’re not feeling inspired get out and just SEE what is there. Take a walk and don’t LOOK for anything, just note what IS there. Let your mind wander as your feet move.

Creativity is taking the inspiration that you just felt and figuring out how it fits in the puzzle that you’re working on. Sometimes it’s the place that inspired you, othertimes it’s taking the person who just handed you your coffee and seeing how they fit in your story. It’s seeing the patten on a woman’s skirt and realizing how those colors would look awesome in a new yarn colorway. It’s taking the colors that nature provided and painting an alien skyscape. It’s seeing animals that look mundane but are far from such.

Art is the result of taking inspiration and forging it using creativity. Inspiration is the raw material. Creativity is the process and Art is the result. In my eyes all Art tells a story or shares an emotion. Sometimes we don’t understand what it’s sharing on a conscious level but we feel the change that it’s wrought deep inside of us.

Inspiration is like a tree, creativity is the process of the tree producing and dropping it’s fruit. Art is the fruit of the process and also bears the seeds for new inspiration. There are those who say they are not creative. They deceive themselves. We are all creative in our own ways. Some are masters at combining paints, others at combining different yarns, while still others are the experts at combining lies into giant steaming piles of crap.

We are all artists. The only real question is what do we want our Art to say about us?

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  1. Neil Colquhoun

    August 7, 2011 at 12:10 pm

    We only get one shot at life, as far as any one of us can truly determine, so we should ensure we make our mark.

    Stay Alive – Neil


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