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22 Jul

When I see those words, I am first drawn to INSPIRATION. I tend to think of those who inspire me with images, words, music or other art form.  I don’t always create in the same medium as whoever it is who has inspired me. I may hear a piece of music and suddenly I’m compelled to draw, other times it may be to write or just strum on my guitar. But these special people ignite the spark of  creativity. Sometimes inspiration can come from looking at the everyday through different eyes or just pausing to enjoy the moments that would pass us by in our increasingly busy lives. I believe that inspiration is a part of us all but that we just need to take time to appreciate it. In some cases, the inspiration will lead to…

CREATIVITY. When I am inspired, I find that the call to create is stronger than the negative voice that sometimes resides in my head. One of the biggest flaws in my writing style is that I try to write the final draft first. Because I see the finished product of others’ creative endeavours, I see how unpolished my attempts are. Obviously this is because I don’t get to see these works of art developing from the early stages. Writing can be the most challenging of the arts because it is always a work in progress and one can get easily frustrated by the lack of progress (either real or imagined) and there is no immediate feedback process. With music, you can tell if it sounds right and with art you can tell when it looks right but until you have a reasonably finished product, it’s really difficult to gauge how good a piece of writing is. I think this is one of the reasons I like haiku. There is a limited set of rules and you have to be creative in how to select your words. This format also works well on twitter where the 140 count in not as prohibitive; although I am often surprised at which of my haiku get re-tweeted and which don’t.

And that leaves ART. I think that our idea of art can be unique to each individual. I’m sure we can come up with examples of what we think is art and what  isn’t and come to a complete disagreement about it. For me, art is something that has been done with skill and passion (but not necessarily in that order).

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  1. Neil Colquhoun

    July 22, 2011 at 2:53 pm

    It’s all subjective – what might be construed as art by one person could be nothing more than rubbish when viewed by another.
    The true art is in creation – let others decide on the quality.

    Stay Alive – Neil


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